Persuasive Content: Precise, Empirical, Personal

The demand for persuasive Internet content is perhaps the most important aspect of your business website, and it is changing right before your eyes. Keeping up with your online competition when it comes to content is more daunting than ever before. There is much to be said for word choice. Your content must be precise, empirical, and personal to describe your products and services.

Since your audience only recalls 10% of what they just read in a given setting, you need to pare down your content into something extremely relevant and reader-manageable to get the point across. A brief tagline, memorable headlines, and short blocks of easy-to-ready text go a long way to describe your offerings. You must offer precision, believability, and a feel-good experience.  

Precise Word Choice

Most customers are not looking for a novel to learn about your goods. Using big words and long paragraphs is not going to make a good first impression. You need precise words and phrases that readers find easy to understand and simple to digest before they move on to the next link. Knowing that you only have a few seconds to hold their interest, brevity and a few persuasive words are necessary in order to make a riveting, wow impression. 

Use a few words on your home and landing pages and leave it to subpages to give the details your customers need to know. Leave something to the imagination or lose your leads forever. There is a point in the mind of all buyers when they want to learn more. They’ve found what they’re looking for based on a precise description and they are ready to dig deeper. That’s called a link!

Empirical Products and Services

Your job is to convince your audience in a few short words and paragraphs that you offer a much-needed, reputable product or service they can’t live without. A home page or landing page is the perfect place to make a statement about how you are different from the rest. It’s your chance to prove something. Case studies, testimonials, stories, and mild bragging can go a long way. For example, in a recent book you may have picked up, you read about a diet that was instantly impossible and you put the book back on the shelf. Then later that day, in a related documentary, you became completely convinced about the diet based on the case studies of various subjects. You now believe it! You are in!

Describe your products and services as empirical, experiential, and reachable. Your visitors often already want what you have to offer. You must push them over the edge and give them something another site can’t give (and not only that, make it so good they don’t want to check another site). Create a user experience in the minds of your potential customers with words that persuade. Knowing your audience is critical so that you select the style and word choice to keep them around.

Personal Experience

Today’s Internet is one where reputation matters and blank empty words without a face are cold and distant. Internet customers are interested in About! Consumers want to see the personality associated with the products they select. Consumers are looking for character. They want to know more about YOU. It is critical to make a personal impact on your home or landing page visitors. In some creative way, you must answer these questions for your audience: Who are you? Where are you from? What makes you stand out? What have you done to make people buy from you? Your presence may be more significant than a product description in a competitive market. If customers can’t find your story, they often leave your website.

A persuasive home or landing page that attracts and retains your audience is precise, empirical, and personal. Keep it simple, incorporate rich keywords that count, and select impressive words that people understand. Simplicity is perhaps the most beautiful strategy for riveting, memorable page content.  


What Is Web-Forward Content

Creative web-forward content is a blend of keyword-rich, influential words fused with relevant imagery, colors, style, and typeface to produce clear, high-quality messages for your customers. It is content that compels your customers to respond; content that leaves an impression, a line in the sand. The content writer must know your audience, your products and services, the solutions you provide, and the market you sell to. Every page shares a message and reveals another part of your story through the power of words.

Marketing Collateral

You showcase your brand identity through creative web-forward marketing collateral and customer-facing media that align with the new digital landscape for search optimization: 

articles, banners, blogs, brochures, business cards, ebooks, case studies, company names, event handouts, instructional materials, newsletters, page headers and titles, posters, presentations, press releases, quick reference guides, social media posts, stories, taglines, testimonials, video scripts, web content, white papers

In vibrant push and pull marketing, you attract customers on the web, inspire them to engage, and motivate them to share within their communities.     

What Web-Forward Content is NOT

Dull, boring paragraphs on a page that drone on and never communicate a message or pique interest.

Results You Can Expect To Achieve

When content writers devise a website strategy to sync with your message and brand identity, it takes only seconds for prospective customers to evaluate your products and services and decide to learn more. Compelling, succinct content resonates with your customers for:     

  • a cohesive message
  • a seamless customer-focused buying experience
  • engaging content that produces the enthusiasm to share it
  • memorable brand identity
  • optimized search results

When creative ideas and technical writing are transformed into web-forward content, you intrigue customers with shareable, next-generation concepts that sell. You take your business to the next level.

A Writer's Blog

Often we writers don't have time to keep on up our own customer-reaching blogs. We're too busy blogging for everyone else. Our passion is lost in a sea of entrepreneurs who need riveting content that will entice their leads and turn them into purchasing customers for the long run. It's a day for creative content that can be written in few words to please the minds of those who care. It's a time when words must become art in order to reach your audiences for ultimate user experiences (UX). It's an age where the windows of opportunity are endless for expressing your brand and placing you on the Internet map. With keyword rich content, stimulating imagery, and user experiences that resonate, you begin to attract customers. Then responsive designs, social media, and targeted ad campaigns take your business to a new height. Now is the time—for small businesses to flourish. It's a time of possibility.